917 Streamliner Sculpture

Unique polished aluminium 917 sculptures

Beautifully capturing the unmistakable 917 shape each piece is 200mm in length and weighs in around 1kg each.

Talented designer Kevin Hicks looks to take the cars back to their pure forms, similar to how they may have looked as the first clay bucks, before windows, shut lines etc. we’re added.

“With this Porsche 917 design, we’ve taken it a stage further by also removing the wheel arches, as if the car were travelling at speed. Where you’d see very little detail, but the form would be instantly recognisable”.

Each design has then been modelled in the CAD environment by CAD Modeller James Langton. The CAD file is then machined on a CNC mill over a 10 hour period, before each piece is meticulously polished.

We are super proud to be offering these very desirable pieces within the 917 Boutique.

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